Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cookie (The Elf on the Shelf) Update

Here is what Cookie has been up to these past few days....

Day 7: Today we woke up to a note that read.."A candy cane for you, a candy cane for me...he rest you'll find on the Christmas tree."

Day 8: Cookie made a snow angel in the flour on the cookie sheet.

Day 9: Cookie left a note explaining why he was sitting next to a new (replacement) ornament

the note says: Good morning, Natalie. I am in your tree with a special gift from Santa. I told Santa that your Christmas tree fell over and the Santa ornament broke. He worked his magic and here I am with a new one for you and your mom. I love you!
**What Cookie didn't mention is that the cats knocked the tree over**

Day 10: Cookie made elf sized donuts!

Day 11: Today we found Cookie on the couch eating popcorn while watching The Polar Express!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cookie...our Elf on the Shelf

We adopted an Elf on the Shelf which Natalie names, Cookie. Here are Cookie's adventures up to this point...

Day 1: Cookie poured a bowl of cereal for Natalie and was waiting in the refrigerator with milk that he made his favorite color.

Day 2: Cookie was sitting on the love plaque which is part of a wall display in the living room.

Day 3: Cookie was caught in the candy jar! He must have eaten a few peppermint kisses by the evidence on the counter.

Day 4: Cookie was hanging by the pendulum of the clock

Day 5: Cookie is admiring a picture that Natalie colored for him.

Day 6: Cookie left a note in the bathroom using toothpaste.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pinterest projects

I will admit that I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I have come across so many adorable craft projects, recipes, DIY projects and home decor ideas...just to name a VERY few! Here are a few projects that I saw on pinterest and decided to make my own.
First is the wreath that I found stunning. It was so darn easy to make, too.
I followed the directions from this blog to make it.

Here is my finished project. I wanted mine to look just like the one on the blog because I loved the black, white and pink color combo. I plan on making more in a variety of colors.

Over Thanksgiving break, I was feeling very crafty. Natalie made these adorable gumball machines all by herself. She loved painting everything! I am not a fan of painting, so she was enjoying it! We made them out of clay pots and the clay saucer. I figured out that you should get the saucer that would fit to a very small clay pot so that it fits on the glass bowl nice and snug. I bought pom poms for the gumballs.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thankful for....

I decided to make these adorable turkeys with my class. They were so easy, adorable and thoughtful. The body of the turkey is simply a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll cut to size) My plan was to paint them brown, but the brown paint was more gold which I loved even more. The body is a small paper plate painted yellow. I had each child trace and cut five feathers and they were to write things they were thankful for. I love that everything about this project is from scraps or recycles. All the construction paper was from the scrap bin and the body is obviously recycled from a toilet paper roll. Very simple yet fun project.

Halloween 2011

I have not been very reliable when it comes to blogging.

I'll back up to Halloween. Natalie decided to be a pirate this year. I LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean so this costume choice made momma happy! I had so much fun making her peacock costume last year that I wanted to make her pirate costume this year.I did another tutu in burgundy, gold and black. I also made her pirate shirt. I just bought a black t shirt and cut out a "girly" skull and cross-bone design from felt. I used fabric glue to attach it to the black shirt. I used some leftover tulle to put a bow on the skull.I found some cute black and white striped arm warmers and we used those and her pirate socks. They were long enough to cover up the hole in her black leggings-bonus-one last use out of those leggings before I threw them away. I got the skull and cross-bone necklace and pirate hat from Halloween City.