Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update for the past week

Just a quick update of the past week
Last Friday we went to the fair...it was nice. Unfortunately, most of the rides were geared towards bigger kids so Natalie was disappointed. But, she understood and was content with riding the pony. I made a layout of it,too.
This layout covered 2 challenges...one for Scrap4Life's Ready 4 Fall crop...had to use 3 photos..2 color and one in black and white. I used the title Rhinestone Cowgirl to use for my challenge at Simply Obsessed. We had to use a song from the year we were born..so Rhinestone Cowboy was #2 song of 1975...I just changed it to Cowgirl.

Yesterday was the Homecoming Parade. I couldn't believe the turnout...there were so many people there! We had a great spot for getting candy, a bunch of sophomores were standing near us and all the floats, etc threw candy to these guys. They gave a lot to Natalie and she picked up whatever else that was scattered all over. They were quite comical, too. Natalie got a kick out of watching them. Unfortunately, one of the sophomore cheerleaders whipped a rolled t-shirt to the guys and had horrible aim..it socked Natalie right in the middle of her face. It happened so fast. I could tell she didn't want to cry, but once I hugged her the tears came down. She said that the girl was mean. I explained that she was trying to throw it to the guys next to us and she missed. The guys tried giving Natalie the t-shirt but she didn't want it...she told me later that it was a boys shirt. (it was navy blue in color) At one point, Natalie got a box of Nerds candy..she picked it up and said, "Hey, this is what I got a Uncle Joe's last year at Halloween, except it was blue" How in the world does she remember all these details! I talked to Joe tonight and sure enough, he did pass out Nerds, among other things. He always passes out good candy.

Here is one more layout for the cyber crop at Scrap4Life. It's Miss Natalie posing for the camera.


ellen said...

i love your work and little girl is sooooooooooooooooo cute!

Greta Adams said...

oh girl....i love your background..and i am updating my google reader

Kelly Todd said...

Your backgound rules!! Where did you get it?