Sunday, April 26, 2009

Life is good

It seems I have been busy lately...a good busy. Last Tuesday was our class field trip to our state Capitol. I had to bring Natalie to a DR appt for another ear infection on Wednesday, and Thursday was a Kindergarten meeting for parents. This weekend we had loads of fun. I took Natalie to the free Spring matinee at Kalamazoo 10 to see Hotel For Dogs. After the movie, we headed out to my Aunt Kathy's farm and checked out all the animals. Such a great time of year because of all the new babies. There were 1 week old kittens and 3 week old goats. The goats are so friendly that we can pick them up and snuggle with them just like a puppy. Natalie loved every second of it! She fell in love with the kittens (of course) and the goat. She LOVED that goat. It has been bottle fed since birth since the mother rejected it so this goat tends to think it's more human that goat. It was just SO cute to see Natalie and this goat.
These were taken on our Saturday visit.
These were taken today...the brown goat was Natalie's "buddy"
Something great about being a kid is appreciating everything in nature. As an adult, dandelions in my yard are a nuisance. But to Natalie, they are free flowers for Mom. Natalie was so excited to see all the flowers that appeared in Mommy's yard this weekend. She must have picked me a hundred dandelions this weekend. They don't last long but it's the thought that counts!


Heather said...

My kids love dandelions, too, and are always picking me handfuls of them...I guess that's one positive of their abundance. Sounds like a fun week!

Eva said...

OMG!!!!! The cuuuuutest pictures ever!!!! I bet you will have so much fun scrapping with them!!!

Georgina, said...

aww that photo of Natalie with the kitten is adorable

AbbieTorroll said...

those photos are So CUTTTTTTTTTTEEEE!!!! I am glad you had a fun weekend!!!

Shirley said...

What fun photos! Love your comment about the dandelions! To little girls they are the most beautiful flowers ever!

Amanda Winchester said...

So, so cute! Love that little goat! Yes, my kids love dandelions too and we have lots, lol!

MyLittleTeapot said...

I need your help. Can you go to and leave a message to that post stating that "LG" invited you there. And also, be a follower to that blog so that we can win a RAK from them.

Thanks sweetie

Shannan said...

LOVE these pictures! Brings back so many memories for me as we raised goats. Love the last picture of her with the dandelions. So true - I have little vases full of those.