Saturday, December 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

I have not been very reliable when it comes to blogging.

I'll back up to Halloween. Natalie decided to be a pirate this year. I LOVE Pirates of the Caribbean so this costume choice made momma happy! I had so much fun making her peacock costume last year that I wanted to make her pirate costume this year.I did another tutu in burgundy, gold and black. I also made her pirate shirt. I just bought a black t shirt and cut out a "girly" skull and cross-bone design from felt. I used fabric glue to attach it to the black shirt. I used some leftover tulle to put a bow on the skull.I found some cute black and white striped arm warmers and we used those and her pirate socks. They were long enough to cover up the hole in her black leggings-bonus-one last use out of those leggings before I threw them away. I got the skull and cross-bone necklace and pirate hat from Halloween City.

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