Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pinterest projects

I will admit that I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I have come across so many adorable craft projects, recipes, DIY projects and home decor ideas...just to name a VERY few! Here are a few projects that I saw on pinterest and decided to make my own.
First is the wreath that I found stunning. It was so darn easy to make, too.
I followed the directions from this blog to make it.

Here is my finished project. I wanted mine to look just like the one on the blog because I loved the black, white and pink color combo. I plan on making more in a variety of colors.

Over Thanksgiving break, I was feeling very crafty. Natalie made these adorable gumball machines all by herself. She loved painting everything! I am not a fan of painting, so she was enjoying it! We made them out of clay pots and the clay saucer. I figured out that you should get the saucer that would fit to a very small clay pot so that it fits on the glass bowl nice and snug. I bought pom poms for the gumballs.

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