Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday is snow fun!

Finally, the temps have warmed above freezing! It feels so "warm" that people around here are going to be putting the tops down on their cars and opeing windows! Not really, but it a lot better than negative temps and teens. Temps made it to the mid 30's today. With the warmer temps the snow is finally wet enough to pack and make a snowman. Natalie and I went out and made two snowmen and then I built a snow "castle" for her. Whew! That's a lot of work moving all that snow around, but well worth it! As always, we had to color our snowmen and fort. The way we make everything colored is by mixing food coloring water in a spray bottle and then spray our snow. It's fun to write in the snow also...great for days when the snow isn't good for packing.

Yes, it's actually sunny out today also...Natalie's eyes are squinted it's so bright out. Seems ever brighter when it's been cloudy for a month.

Natalie's snow castle


twinsand2boys said...

Your colored snowmen are so fun...and fun to have a pink snow castle too!!

Georgina, said...

so cute. how did you colour your snowmen? we have snow today too. its the worst its been for us in 18 years. Im not a big fan of snow but I wann try what you did! :)

AbbieTorroll said...

you are SUCH a good mom, my friend! You are always doing the cutest and most creative things with her! LOVE the pink castle!

Kelly Todd said...

That castle rules!! You're a good sport getting out into the snow -- I tend watch from the window :-)

Lisa Smith said...

Love the pink and blue snowmen! We do not get many chances for snowmen in Texas. Usually ice!