Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Things have been quite busy lately. I have been fortunate to be in the same classroom subbing for the past 2 weeks. Such a wonderful group of Kindergarteners! Last week was my monthly crop and I finished a couple layouts using my Scrapbook Heaven kit. As soon as the reveal is announced, I can post pics. Last weekend we also went to a sledding party at church. Here is a pic of Natalie at the top of the hill. It was a very big hill that her and I went down..but becasue the snow is fluffy the sled moved at a perfect rate.

This pic is in front of our Target. Natalie always wants me to take a picture of her in this circle. I was so glad my Mom joined in the picutre, too.

And, this is just a cute one of Natalie with her Hello Kitty earmuffs.

This weekend is a perfect time for crops! Simply Obsessed is having a Super Bowl crop filled with games and challenges.

Mon Ame Memories is also hosting a crop this weekend. Not only that, but there is a design team call going on.

I do have some exciting scrappy news...can't give all the details yet but I'll give you a's a GDT opportunity.


AbbieTorroll said...

CONGRATS on the GDT!! I never got back to your email, but that is SOOO great! Totally well deserved! Love all your new pictures and I am SOO happy for you and all your subbing lately! Wahoo!

Georgina said...

loving thos ear muffs!

Michelle Lanning said...

LOVE the Hello Kitty ear muffs -- wish it was cold enough for us to use them -- and yay for the GDT -- where, who, what?? Do tell!