Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Program...finally and car update

Natalie's Preschool Christmas program was held on Thursday. I would say if it would have been on Friday it would have been rescheduled again after all the snow we got on Friday! The program started off with a great slideshow of the infants and 1 year old. The two year olds started the singing part of the program...very entertaining! They were so darn cute and funny. The 3 years olds were just as entertaining. Natalie's 4 year old class did a great job singing and doing their body movements. Natalie decided to hang out with her friends at the program which was kinda neat and different. I am so use to sitting by her all the time that it was unusual to have her sitting with her friends. Unusual, yet happy at the same time. I am so glad she is developing friendships and has the confidence to go on her own like that. Natalie and her friend Hailey were haning out a lot...along with Meredith and Troy. Such a cute bunch of kids. The program ended with a very nice skit about the journey Mary and Joseph made and then the arrival of baby Jesus.
Here is a pic of Natalie before the program. Gotta love the big cheesy smile
This is Natalie and her absolute favorite teacher, Miss Sarah. Natalie is so excited when it is a Miss Sarah day. I love that Natalie loves Miss Sarah so tells me that Sarah is a great person and I am glad she is teaching Natalie!

Car update....
I got the call on Tuesday that the damage to my car was $1,500! It's still being repaired, the estimated completion date in Monday. Bummer! I really don't want to give back this's a brand new Chevy Impala with 890 miles on it. Well, I have done a lot of scrapping today and am off to do some more!


Michelle Lanning said...

awe finally had that show huh? She looks beautiful and love that grin! And so glad she has a teacher that she likes --- SOO important!

Kelly Todd said...

Sounds like the concert was great fun. You must be proud to see Natalie developing friendships. I never realized how much (as a mom) I would sorry about those types of things. We're still waiting for the final cost for my husband's recent car fiasco... Take care.

AbbieTorroll said...

She is SO cute! Glad she loves her teacher! and yowzers, $1500?? ouch:)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the program was a success! The photos are adorable. I'm so sorry to hear about the car. That's just crazy!