Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to blogging?? First thing...a few school crafts

I guess I am going to start blogging again. I've had a desire to share some of my crafty stuff and just every day life with words, not just photos on facebook. So, the first things I wanted to share were some school crafts.
Right before Christmas, I volunteered in Natalie's classroom to make these Santa's belly ornaments. It literally cost me about $5 is supplies and I helped make enough for the entire class of kids...about 25. The supplies I used were...
red ornaments that I bought at the Target $1 spot (8 ornaments in a tube for $1)
black felt
gold pipe cleaner
I precut the black "belts". I had the kids spread modge podge on the belt and then wrap it around the middle. I snipped a piece of gold pipe cleaner and had the kids shape it into a belt buckle. There were all sorts of buckle shapes, but that's what made it a first grade project and "their" own project. It's not my ornament so I didn't want to shape the buckle. I learned to hot glue the buckle onto the ornament. I wrote each child's name on a piece of tape with the year and put it on the back of the ornament. Here is the finished product.
and here is a picture of all the ornaments. I love how each one is so different.

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