Friday, July 15, 2011

Owl project

I find a ton of awesome pine cones in my yard every year. I pick them up knowing I'll find a cool project for them. I came across a cool owl pine cone project and made it with my fourth graders one day after a bird man visit. I thought it might be too "young" for them but they LOVED it!
I gave each child one pine cone. They dabbed the pine cone with liquid glue. Each student had about 3 cotton balls that they pulled apart and "stuffed" on the glue drops and in the pine cone. Using the tip of a pencil helped push the cotton ball into the pine cone better. After the "body" was full of cotton, cut out 2 yellow circles and 2 smaller black circles for the eyes. Fold a piece of orange paper in half and cut a triangle for the mouth. All done! Some kids got creative and added wizard hats. It was very fun!
One of the "wizard" owls

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VanessaB said...

omg- those are so darn cute!! what a fun project. :)