Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party

Natalie's preschool Christmas party was today. Even though she didn't go to school we still go and I help out. The kids made cards, candy cane reindeer, had a jingle bell toss and painted in snow. I had a blast helping out! I got the cutest picture of Natalie and Adam...her "boy" friend. They are best buds and really help each other out. Natalie has had a hard time going back to school after a long summer off with me. So, they have grown by helping each other!
Well, over the last month the kids have been making gifts for parents. Today, we brought home the gift bag. I saw there was a recipe book. At first I was disappointed becasue I thought all the families contributed a recipe to the book and that I didn't. I opened it up to find it was recipes as interpreted by the kids. This recipe book is so darn cute!

Here are a couple examples of what the kids had to say
Pizza by Natalie
Directions:Order from the pizza place a pepperoni pizza snd some breadsticks.
I will eat one piece of pizza and two breatdsticks.
Mom will eat one piece of pizza and one breadstick.

Pizza by Adam
Directions: Call the pizza man and ask for just cheese.
Drink root beer with your pizza. (Mom likes salad, too)

Pizza by Ryan
Directions: Order it and Dad goes to Pizza Hut to get it, and Mom goes to Burger King to get me a toy.

Mac and Cheese by Ryan
Noodles (cuz we ran out)
Put it in the oven, you don't need cheese.
When it takes so long, it is done.

Pumkpin Pie by Hailey
Ingredients: Find pie in desset section at store.
Directions: Mix together
Put in oven for 50 cents
Eat while hot-with whipped cream
Buy more stuff

These are just a few examples. Arent' they just adorable!


Michelle Lanning said...

I finally added your new link - phew! And I got one of those last year aren't they darling? I love it!

scrappy77 said...

What a cute idea! Merry Christmas to you and Natalie!

Kelly Todd said...

What a great keepsake. Thankfully she didn't say that you would eat half the pizza!!

Merry Christmas!!