Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early Winter Break!

I had a feeling we would get dumped with snow on Friday! I saw that the schools had planned their holiday parties for Thursday, and they did this weeks in advance. I thought it was a great idea, just in case there was a snow day on Thursday then the party could be on Friday. Well, we got dumped with a ton of heavy snow and sleet over Thursday night. No school for any of the kids in this part of the state. I don't have a "school" age child, but I sub and Natalie goes to preschool. Even Natalie's preschool was closed. Such a bummer! With the Mattawan SChools being closed, that meant no Kiddie U Christmas Program! I have been looking forward to Natalie's preschool program all month. I even bought her a necklace, bracelet, earrings and new hair bows that I was going to give her before her program. I am sure that Kiddie U will come up with an alternative, but I am not good at waiting. I wanted to give Natalie all that stuff Sunday when I bought it!LOL. So, we went outside and I shoveled a path in the backyard so the dogs can go potty. I have an amazing friend that plows my driveway so he came over in the afternoon and did that. Seriously, Craig is such a great friend. The first time he plowed the driveway I had no clue who did it. Jack and I finally figured it out and Craig has been plowing it ever since, that's been 6 or 7 years ago! I thought he may quit plowing my driveway when Jack and I separated since he was more of a friend of Jacks. Nope, he continued. And, he doesn't charge a penny. He just asks if he can store the plow in the garage over the summer! Of course! I have more than enough room and it's the least I can do for a friend like him!


Heather said...

Bummer about Natalie's program being cancelled! I hope you two have a very Merry Christmas...despite all the snow!!

Fede y mamá Jesi said...

Natalie is so beautiful!! I have a 2 yr old son, Federico.

Yeyioasis from the CC forum

Anonymous said...

Aww shucks, so are you going to give her the jewelry for Christmas?