Friday, August 7, 2009

Natalie has been pretty much back to normal after having her surgery two weeks ago. Yesterday was her 2 week follow up and the DR said everything looks good. The first thing Natalie wanted to know was if she could eat crunchy food...he gave her the go ahead on that, too! She was thrilled. I tool her to Build A Bear to celebrate. She picked out the Hannah Montana bear with matching outfit. Natalie's not a fan of the show but she loves the music. I love this picture of her registering her bear on the computer. I love how she has her legs crossed. LOL
And here she is totally hamming it up for the camera with her new bear.
We left the mall and met my Dad at Taco Bell for lunch. Natalie has wanted a volcano taco since the day after her surgery. She took one bite and opted for the regular taco in our volcano box. She did come home and ate the volcano taco later.
We came home and made these adorable school bus cookies
and then went to the elementary and enjoyed some time on the playground

Today was the big blueberry pie eating contest at the Blueberry Festival in South Haven. Natalie has been so excited for this. But, when time came to go up and do it she froze and got scared. I can see how it was so overwhelming. First of all, people were packed like sardines at the pie eating site. The children entered from one end and exited on the other. I had THE HARDEST time walking from where Natalie entered to over where she was going to eat her pie. I know I was nervous of losing her and I know she probably felt the same way. She only took one bite of her pie. Later she told me she didn't like it, but also admitted she was scared. Natalie is not one to roam off and lose touch of where I am or her Dad, so being in the position she was must have been overwhelming for her.
Here she is taking her ONE bite..she told me later she didn't like it (but I am not suppose to tell anyone....always so concerned about hurting someones feelings)
Me and my girl

And finally....we got a little bit of rain today! We are in dire need of some rain. Natalie and I each have this umbrella and we just love it!

Hope you have a great weekend!


scrappy77 said...

Hi Jennifer! Glad to hear Natalie is feeling better! Love how she crossed her legs, such a little lady! Have a great weekend!

Myia Shantrice said...

Love all the photos! I am glad she is doing well!

Jocelyn said...

Hi glad to hear that Natalie got great news from the the pics of her...she is such a doll baby!!!! Love the cross legs in the first pic and the Taco Bell way cute.....The pics of the pie eating contest is adorable!!!! Love those umbrellas!!!! Have a great weekend!!!! :)

Mark said...

Hi Jennifer~Great news that Natalie is back to her old self. I am glad that she finally got her volcano taco! I love the bear, she looks so grown up on the computer get her certificate. It sounds like you all had a fun filled day!

Shannan said...

Great photos!! So happy to hear that Natalie is feeling herself! :) We went to South Haven yesterday and had about 20 minutes before the storm. :( Did you taste the pie? Looks yummy! Brave Natalie for trying! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

glad that she is feeling better - and wow that taco and the pie - what a brave girl! She is getting so big!

Jennifer Y said...

What a fun day you guys had!! I'm so glad she is doing better! She is a girl after my own heart with the Hanna Montana outfit! So sweet!

AbbieTorroll said...

aww so cute! you guys do SO MUCH FUN STUFF!!! Love all the photos girlie!!!

chelemom said...

awwwwww, she is such a cutie!!! Great pics!