Monday, June 22, 2009

Misc. stuff....

Yesterday I received a nice reply to my blog. She indicated that she followed my blog and liked reading it. Her kind comments were quite touching. I also received a blog award from her. I like to know who is reading my blog so please say hello. :)

Ok, so I am sure I am last to the party, but I finally read Twilight. I told myself I was going to read more and I wanted to know what all the hype was all about. Honestly, I NEVER thought I would like the book and just figured everyone was saying it was good because of all the hype....well, now I know....and now I am dying to read New Moon! Looks like another week before it is returned to the library, too! Ugh!

Yesterday was Father's Day and it also happened to be my parents' 34th wedding anniversary. We all went to South Haven for Harborfest and really enjoyed the sunshine, booths and the beach. Here are some photos of the day
Natalie had her face painted and I thought it turned out darling! I see a layout very soon about these pics!
side view
Natalie tried the dunk tank. A local church was raising money and they had the dunk tank....3 throws for $1 and if you didn't hit the bull's eye with any of the 3 chances then you got to go up and hit it with your hand. Natalie hit the bull's eye with her ball but since it was a soft hit she went and touched it with her hand. She loved it!
This is my mom and Dad with Natalie on the pier
Natalie loved playing on the beach. We're gonna have to head out there soon and just bask in the sun and enjoy the water
Finally, we finished the afternoon with some Ice Cream at Sherman's


Aphra said...

Hi Jennifer! Had to leave you a comment, so you'd know I read your blog ;) but also beacause I totally get what you're saying about Twilight. I was a high school senior English teacher for crying out loud. Boy, it sucked me in good and quick. I read all four books as fast as I could get my hands on them. Then, I actually mourned that the series ended. Thankfully, there are the movies now. Anyway, that was my long-winded hello.

Michelle Lanning said...

yeah definitely I love that series and never thought I would -- addicting huh?

I love the pictures!

Tidbits of my Life said...

Hello Jennifer. I must be the reader who left you that award! Great new layouts....looks like your little girl is having a blast on that slip-n-slide. Have a great weekend!