Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend at Lake Michigan!

Natalie has been wanting to go to the beach the second she thought it was Summer. I decided we would go on Saturday. We had such a great time. The water was calm and the beach became packed over the day. I put sunscreen on us both every single hour but I still got burned on the extreme sides of my back...places that I can't reach and didn't think to mention to Natalie. My parents joined us around 3pm and we ended up staying an additional 2 more hours. My Mom called the following day to see how I was feeling becasue she was concerned I may be burned and uncomfortable. I told her I felt find. Well, that opened the door, she wanted to go back to the Lake since my Dad was showing some houses. Sunday there were some pretty good waves. I thought the water was a bit warmer, too. We had a GREAT time both days. Natalie loves to go in the lake and then roll around in the sand! We kept calling her the sandman and some people next to us were calling her Sandy. She laughed when they said it but shared with me later that she really didn't like being called Sandy. LOL Here are some pics from our fun weekend!
Look at all that sand!
I had to stage a pic of Natalie on the way up the stairs to the car. I love this view of the beach and the pier


JuliesAddiction said...

Awesome Pics!! I love the beach!!!

Deanna said...

Great photos Jen! Wow! Can't wait to see you scrap those!

Shirley said...

Great photos Jennifer and love that you got to spend time at the beach with your mom too! Natalie looks so cute... even covered with sand!

Heather said...

Oooo, so much fun! You got some really great shots! I can't wait to get to Lake Michigan in a few weeks!

TraceyT said...

These pics are fantastic! LOTS of great scrappy material here. Can't wait to see more.

scrappy77 said...

These are all great pictures! She looks like she had a lot of fun playing in the sand!